A Quilted Spring Dress

I think Mother Nature... you are drunk darling! This weather is a testament to that... One day it's too nice out to even wear a coat, and the next day, we wind up with freezing rain :/

So... In my search to get over this blah weather, I went to Fabricland... Just cuz.. I'm going to admit, it's not my favourite place to shop for inspiration (I'm pretty sure I've gone over that several times)... But nonetheless, I went in and searched through the sale section only to find that they had the most intriguing and bold quilted fabric! And the stretch on it was perfect! Although the quality isn't as topnotch as the quilted jersey that imagine gnats sold last spring...

Oh well... It suited the bill and I decided to finally pull out the cocoon dress pattern I purchased a few months ago. Once I printed it out though I was a bit stumped as to how I would trace it, since the cocoon shape works it's way down from the armscye to the hi lo hem pretty fluidly and A was in the size 5 chest and size 7 length. And I most definitely didn't want to ruin it!

So I did my best, but I think for the next time I'll soften the shape a bit more around the hips, since I'm not entirely happy with it... I'll also use a fabric that has a bit more drape/softness to it, since the quilted fabric does keep the sides out more then I would like. But overall though, I'm liking it!

A likes it... And finds it super comfy. Which is probably THE most important part of this here dress.. Especially if I want her to wear it ;) And possibly the second best part of this... I still have some extra fabric that I may use up for J and/or some colour blocking.

So I'm taking my first stab at the cocoon dress a success that may have gotten me hooked on the cocoon dress craze that's going on right now (maybe I'll take a stab at the Inari dress next... And be probably the last person to finally try it! haha). And with the days getting closer to summer weather (the forecast not so much).... I think a couple of shorter sleeve versions may be in the plans ;)


Getting our Groove On 2.0

Well... today I'm a bit stumped for words! I had all these plans for last week for both sewing and around the house. And I'm not sure what happened. It seems to me the more things that happen in a week the more I wind up losing myself. And it was only by the time Sunday rolled around that I felt like a lot had been lifted off my shoulders.

We've been trying to finish odd jobs around the house, and with the weather warming up start on the outside stuff. It was selfish sewing week and I had made plans, traced and cut out a ton of patterns and fabrics. C's hockey tryout season started. And really phew!!!!!

It's not to say that I physically couldn't accomplish anything, but I think it was an emotional thing. On the outside I was fine, but on the inside I was running around trying to get everything sorted and in place and it didn't always work out. In fact, my sewing saw a lot of seam ripper action, which I think made me realize it was time to step back for a moment and shut myself off from the world, you know, just for a day! And to get my head on straight again. Which is what Monday's are for right?! A fresh week and a fresh start!

So to keep with that momentum, I present you another easy going groove dress! Because what screams more fresh and fun then an easy flowy knit dress!?! This is another one of the dresses I made during the testing period. It's actually from the first version, has no neck options, just a simple binding and a hi low skirt.

This is the same size as the last one (5 I believe), with some stash knits I had grabbed YEARS ago when I first started sewing. I remember buying it because a) it was on sale and b) it had stripes. Since then I've learned what to buy and not buy and I always semi regretted having bought it and never knew what to sew with it.

And so, it sat in my pile of fabric shame, until the groove dress came along and I decided to use it as a quick muslin for this pattern and slowly fell in love with it again. And that stripe matching!!!! I think that was the 'I'm over the moon in love with it again' moment of it!

A loves this dress.... Just like the other one. This fabric is a little lighter then I typically like for knits personally but this makes for some great movement in the dress, and I'll definitely have to rethink my weight preferences coming into the summer, since this would be perfect.

If you want to grab yourself a copy of the Groove Dress, you can always grab it here.

Happy Monday!


Getting our Groove On 1.0

It's been a while hasn't it ;) And I'm pretty sure lately all my posts have started with that statement! But holy cow has the time flown by lately!! We've been doing so much and been everywhere! C's hockey season is finally coming to a close, and so is A's figure skating season. It's been a new experience and a crazy one at that.

When we signed them up for these activities I knew we'd become busy (especially with the addition of J), but I don't think I had a full grasp as to how busy and how much more scheduled/organized I'd have to become to even get through it. Me being the unorganized and go with the flow kinda gal that I am ;)

So when it was time to sew (the rare amount that I've been doing lately) quick projects were a must! Olu and Anna of MadeIt Patterns must have known my mindset or something because hello!!!! This dress!! The Groove Dress... It's the fastest, easiest, most satisfying and grooviest pattern ever. I was lucky enough to test again for them for this pattern (and let me tell you, that group is top notch!).

Be prepared for a lot of pictures in this post (if you haven't already assumed so much), because this dress is much loved! As in, the minute I get it out of the dryer and put it back in her drawer it's on her body!!! I love the easiness of this dress... There's really no fuss to it, it looks amazing, and it's easy to change in and out of (perfect for when we rush to the arena after school and need to change before getting on the ice into figure skating apparel).

The dress has a great hi lo hem (it also has a straight hem option) and soooo many different neck options. This one is the cowl neck, for which I used some Lizzy House Hit Parade knit I had in my stash from a summer purchase from imagine gnats. I've still got loads left but I'm still debating on what to make with it all... It's soooo good! The main fabric is a ponte de roma (eggplant I believe) also from imagine gnats. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to have this colourway in stock anymore, but oatmeal I think would make another great version.

For the size I sewed up a 5 with no adjustments. This is another thing I love about MadeIt Patterns, is all their patterns seem to fit my tall slender kids no problem. I barely have to adjust them for their height if at all. Which is amazing since I have to retouch almost every pattern, especially for this girl! Which makes me wonder every time as to how is she getting so darn tall and so darn old!

And now... A and I put together a quick demonstration of how to use the cowl neck for you ;)

We folded ours over for everyday wear, so first you want to find the bottom...

And slowly bring it up over your face...

Until your head is fully covered!!!! This makes a great hiding spot... Especially if you're trying to hide yourself from the camera, or you know, just don't want to look at people right now ;)

All jokes aside though... Make sure you head over to grab your own copy... It's available as a kid's, an adult's AND a teen's pattern. So there's lots of possibilities.... Which is awesome!


KCW Day 1 - Baby Geranium and Ziggy

Technically speaking, it's already day 3 of kid's clothes week... But I completed the sewing for this on day 1, so I'm taking it ;) Now, I usually try to set myself some goals for kcw, so this time around, because my sewjo has been pretty low, I didn't want to set anything concrete (i.e. this pattern with this fabric, etc), but I diiiiid want to try to sew up something for every one of the kids. So here I was, late at night, with 2-3 kids sick at one time or another last week, deciding that I would sew up one full outfit for each of them.... These are still high plans, especially when you consider that kcw is meant as a one hour challenge! But here is my first full outfit (minus tights ;) ).

I started this outfit with a geranium dress I had already cut out over the holidays (did I cheat here... just a tad... but it wasn't sewn up yet!). I sewed up view B in a size 3-6m. The fit, as always with the geranium, is perfect. I used this Alice in Wonderland double gauze print that I had grabbed from imagine gnats last spring. I fell in love with it, only to realize after that 1 yard wasn't going to be quite enough for A. So I saved it, wondering what kind of top I would make with it or another type of inspiration... Then you know, we had baby J and aaallll fell into place. This double gauze, was still going to be a dress!

 I lined it with a double gauze solid that I had leftover in my stash from a previous project.  I could not be happier with how this turned out! It is soooo soft, and the pleats still look crisp. Also, this is one of the few times I've done pleats, and I'm still wondering why I don't do them often (it may have something to do with my hate for the iron... but the result is still soooo good).

It's still winter here, so I couldn't let the poor girl be cold in her dress. So to complete the outfit, I decided on using this scrumptious French terry and pull out my Ziggy pattern. Olu kindly sent me the baby version around the time it was released and I couldn't wait to get into it... Unforunately I never got around to it until now (what a mistake!), because it's such a quick sew I whipped this one out in about an hour, including piecing the pattern and cutting the fabric.

I think together, the pieces work out great! The sweater has a loose fit, so the dress doesn't seem to be squished in there. Fit wise, I sewed up a 3/6 m for this as well. But I didn't quite account for her head size when I sewed on the neck binding. I used a different method then the instructions, so it closed the head opening a little bit... A little bit too much, since I couldn't get it over her head. So I'll be fixing that this week, once all my kcw goals are done!

Now for worn pictures ;) Because I couldn't get the Ziggy on, it's not getting as much love as it truly deserves in this post... But I couldn't leave out these cute pictures of the worn geranium!

As you can see here, the length fits her really good (does that mean I have an average sized child!!!??!!) And I can't wait for her to get some wear out of it.

Are you sewing along for kid's clothes week?