Polka Dot Safari Raglan Dress

Happy Monday everyone! I can't believe it's already time for another Kid's Clothes Week season this week!! Gah... And I haven't even planned or really thought of anything this time around... Maybe that'll be a good thing ;) lol. Well today I'm going to share with you another pattern test I did earlier in the month that I'm pretty excited about.

I would like to introduce you to the Safari Raglan Tee and Dress by Titchy Threads. First of all, Titchy Threads has slowly become one of my favourite pattern companies lately! I have no shame in saying I have almost every pattern Laura has released... I have MORE shame in saying though that I have yet to sew up the majority though. But anyways, back to this dress...

For the test I sewed up a size 5 dress, with size 8 length... with short sleeves. The fit is so good! And such a quick sew too, that I have the pattern already printed and just need to cut it to make the boys some! Gah... the possibilities. This pattern also comes with the option of having pockets (along the waist for the dress and on the chest for the tee), but I skipped them on this one because I just loved the polka dot so much!

Speaking of polka dots... The polka dot fabric I got from Girl Charlee, they don't have this one specifically but do have a few fun colourways here. And the blue jersey is a Laguna Jersey in Royal  that I grabbed from the imagine gnats shop. The polka dots doesn't have a lot of stretch but works great for this dress and the Laguna jersey... I can't say I love this stuff enough! It's always a pleasure to work with it!

So the only thing I'm finding about this dress is it makes me think a bit of a nightgown, but she has worn it during the day with a pair of leggings and it seems fine. So I'm probably overthinking the WHOLE thing!

Well... Now that it's kid's clothes week... I think I'll get sewing some more shorts and tees for the summer for the boys. You know, things they need ;) Are you sewing along this season? I'd love to hear your plans... Or how you get organized for kcw!


Triangular Wildflower Kimono

A must sew for this girl this summer was going to be a breezy cover up! And when Mandalynn of Striped Swallow Designs posted a sneak peek of her newest pattern, the Wildflower Kimono, that she was about to release, I just knew it was going to be perfect for this girl! Because seriously, we're talking about the girl that will walk around with towels and blankets thrown over her shoulders to dry off or keep warm. 

So when a tester call was posted I signed up and waited to see if I'd get the chance to sew it up. And I'm so glad I did!! Either way, I would have gotten my hands on this pattern regardless because it fits in A's style perfectly! I sewed up a 6x, since it was recommended to go by height measurement rather then chest measurement (since you know, it's loose anyways ;) ) and the fit is perfect!

I opted to do the simplest view of the pattern, the solid option, with a knit fabric. You can also opt to do this pattern with a colour blocked view and/or woven fabrics, which makes it really versatile. Plus, I need to mention that by buying the one pattern, you get both child AND woman's sizing.... Perfect!

Anyways, back to the details. I used a triangular knit that I got from Girl Charlee last year (you can also see it here) and it worked perfectly. I've been holding on to this fabric for ages because I didn't like the end result the last time because of the stretch percentage... But with this pattern it works great since it still has a nice drape to it!

So the best part about this pattern, is there's seriously no pattern pieces!!! And it only consists of two fabric pieces, your main and a facing... Which made this a super quick sew (think under half an hour!). And because I was lazy and didn't want to pull out my serger, I sewed everything up together with a stretch stitch on my sewing machine. You could also do this entire thing up on the serger (except if you decide to hem the sleeves of course), and since knits curl over time, it actually goes really well with this pattern since you don't really notice them.

I'm hoping to sew up a colour blocked version next... And maybe a warmer/thicker version for nights out by the camp fire?! We'll see, kid's clothes week is next week so maybe that'll be the motivation I need ;)


Going Nutty for Oaks

As I've previously mentioned almost a month ago, there has been a whole lot of action going on around these parts. And I'm finally going to start sharing...
When I originally started writing this blog, I had intentions on this here little spot being a place for documenting our adventures in our new house. I never realized I would get into sewing and shift completely over to it here. That and the fact that we haven't had much going on here in the past little while until this year, hadn't given me much to talk about!
But I want to change that! I'm hoping to start sharing more again about our house renos and progress along side all the usual sewing and knitting and such. So I'm starting this journey back into that groove with this post... about trees accompanied by lackluster iphone pictures (sorry for the poor quality ahead of time... I wasn't really thinking about pictures, I was just too giddy about adding trees!).
We've had to do a lot of necessary work around our house to fix existing issues with water. We started by maintaining the swale on the left hand side of the house so that water would drain properly away from the back and towards the road. The type of drainage we have is called a Rear-to-Front Drainage. And is what's common in our neigbourhood because our neighbours behind us are at a bit of a higher elevation then us.
So anyways, what we did was put in a proper weeping tile in the swale and graded the whole thing so that the water is encouraged to drain towards the street. Now this left us with a bit of a mess along the property line, which was expected. But it also gave us the kick in the butt we needed to do something about our lackluster front yard landscaping (the backyard portion got seeded with grass). And we've been itching to add some trees! So we thought we'd at least start there, since neither one of us really knows much about actual landscape design.

Earlier in the week we had gone to the garden center and picked out some trees that we knew wouldn't get too wide, but would get nice and tall, since this is only the side yard. We went with some Regal Prince Columnar Oaks. We debated between a couple of different columnar species but ultimately went with these guys. They looked nice and full and apparently keep their leaves throughout the winter, which gives added interest.
Now... Once we got them home, hubs spent some time grading and leveling out the side to make sure it was where and how he wanted it to be. And then the digging happened! We're pretty lucky (and thankful!) to not have needed to bust our backs digging. We used the mini excavator (which we also used for the work on the swale and weeping tile) which made it digging through our yard much easier, since we mostly have clay underneath a small layer of topsoil. And each of the kids was able to 'dig' their own hole for their own tree!

They were so excited to help out! Once each hole was done, we (kids included) mixed a bag of triple mix soil and a bag of compost into every hole. It's probably more then we needed, but we've always had luck using this mixture. Plus we really didn't want to take any chances of it not taking because of all the clay!

Finally, we put the trees in, leveled them and added a bag of black mulch to every tree to help keep the ground nice and moist to help them start. All that's left to do now, is to get some grass growing around the trees and we'll be good to go!

We've been toying with adding a garden there but we're still not sure about it... At least for now, we've got a good start! There is so much that we're hoping to do with this house... I have a before picture, but unfortunately not for the side yard. So I'll share that the next time I share about the front yard :)


Denim and Chambray Morocco Shorts

It's summer time (well, almost!) and what better thing to sew up then some awesome shorts?! I've got a whole bunch of shorts on my list to sew. But when a tester call for Celina, of Petit a Petit and Family's newest pattern, the Morocco Tuxedo Pant & Shorts came about, I just couldn't resist, and luckily for me, I was assigned the shorts version! I've had my eye on her new pants pattern for a while... Just waiting to get my hands on it. Needless to say I was ecstatic when I got the chance to actually test it!

Celina has a great sense of style, and always amazes me by her use of lines in pattern pieces. For these shorts, I sewed up the tux view of the shorts version. With a full flipping fly!!!!! Yup, I am now amazed with myself... I can sew real pants folks. My finishing touches need work, but dude, I'm getting there!

Size wise, I sewed up a straight 5. No length or anything added. I had debated sewing these up for C instead of L, but I knew he would need some length added to it, and Celina had suggested when testing, that if you were to blend sizes you would have to play around with the back darts and back waistband (I believe... I could be wrong...), so I thought a straight 5 would be best to start with, but now I've got some planned for C and A, which will definitely need length added but it's all good... I love getting the chance to toy around with a new pattern!

Speaking of pattern, this thing, it's impeccable! Celina pays a lot of attention to detail, which shows in her instructions. One thing I would suggest if you're new to making pants (like me), is definitely look up some videos for how to put together the fly part. As much as the instructions were detailed, sometimes, you just need to see someone sew it to just get it... I'm not the only one right?!

And fit wise, it's bang on! It sits where his normal shorts and pants sit and has the perfect amount of length for this guy (my most average sized child... Him being 3 and being this size notwithstanding).

For my fabrics, I used some black washed denim from imagine gnats with some chambray from my stash. I had planned on dyeing some fabric, but I didn't wind up having the time to actually dye it, oh well... I do still plan on them for C anyways ;) And dyeing always scares me a bit... I need to work on that!

Well, now I've at least started with what I feel is official summer sewing for these guys! Plus, it's my first finished shorts of Shorts on the Line (please don't tell me you've forgotten, it's happening all month long!). Hopefully I'll have a couple more to share with you before the end of the month rolls along!

What is on your summer sewing list? I'd love to know! Leave me a comment :)