Tuesday Reflections - Because Monday was a Holiday

Happy Tuesday guys!!!

Can I just start off by saying this.... It's mid May ALREADY?!?!?! Seriously, the time has just been flying by lately. Maybe it's because there's been so much on the go around these parts. But holy cow let's slow it down just a tad ;) This weekend was Victoria Day long weekend.... which is typically recognized as the official start of the summer season. So we took it easy instead of running around everywhere and soooo glad we did! It turned out nice, no thunderstorms like the weatherman predicted ;)

Now... I've got so much to share with you over the coming days/weeks/months that I can't wait to get started. But here are a couple of sneak peeks at least at what I've been working on...

Sewing, well let's just say there's been a LOT of sewing lately. Including some much needed boy sewing!

Yessssss... I've finally broken out of my boy sewing dry spell and my guys are sure happy about it! I've got a slew of things lined up for them now! Including some shorts for the hot weather that we've been having (seriously... they outgrew all their shorts from last year!!!! Who would have thought?!?)

A has also gotten some new wardrobe pieces and I've decided to try to get a more concrete idea of what I'll be sewing up for them by making them each their own wardrobe sketches/lists. Since I haven't QUITE gotten started on those, I'm hoping to start sketching this week. This will also be the push I think I need to work on my drawing skills :)

In other news, there's been a lot going on around the house lately! We're putting on an addition, renovating the house and working on the outside... gah... I don't think we'll have left a stone unturned by the time we're done! I'm hoping to share this entire experience with you. We've already started on some of the 'must-do' things, things that HAVE to be done before we can really get started. So definitely not the pretty stuff, but it's part of the process. Which I will be posting about as we go! But for now... here is a quick look at that...

I've been playing around with making renderings of different parts of the house, including this aerial view of part of the backyard. This one is mostly of the back, depicting the kids' area and gardens... I'm hoping to have everything drawn up or sketched to give an idea of what we're doing/going for! 

And of course, I can't give you a proper sneak peek of the work without showing off the hubs in the mini excavator! This man... I wouldn't be able to do any of this without him! This picture is from earlier in the spring, but we're about the get the machine fired up again and dig some more... eeeeek!!!
Can't wait to show you guys more progress/plans/finished projects and all!
Happy Tuesday :) 


Kitty Stamped Geranium - A KCW Make

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend (and Mother's Day for those celebrating!). Ours was spent around the house and hitting up what appears to be THE place to go to... the greenhouse. Since we've been planning on renovating the house, we're also trying to think of ways to make the landscape more appealing. But that subject is for an entirely different post of it's own...

Meanwhile, we've been getting lots of much needed rain over the last 24 hours, so I figured what better way to brighten up a day then with another Geranium Dress! If you recall in my last post, I mentioned that I had decided to make five of these for Kid's Clothes Week. Well this is number two!

This dress is identical in details to the previous octopi dress. This time, I used this double gauze from Miss Matatabi that I've been hoarding since Labour Day weekend. I just couldn't make up my mind on what to make with it. The heart/kitty shaped watercolour print was just too cute. Ironically enough, I had originally thought about making a Washi Dress for myself with it (the grown up version of the Geranium Dress). But I just haven't had the energy to cut into it for myself quite yet, and I've got another Washi I have yet to finish first.... So this little misses wound up getting the fabric (and I have lots left over for another project still...)

Either way, she's quite pleased with this dress. And I think it'll make a great summer piece, since it's nice and lightweight, but not sheer. And the drape of this stuff is just amazing!

I paired the dress with some hot pink buttons (pictured terribly below).... I have to adjust the bottom button since it's a tad too high, but other then that I'm super happy with how these contrast with the green and add a fun pop of colour to the back of the dress. I really need to play with contrast accents more ;)

Well, if I keep this up, maybe I'll have them all posted this week ;) I've got three more to 'finalized'... in other words, get pictures of and add buttons to (so I'm not going to consider them KCW makes anymore buuuuuut it did get my motivation going on these!) I've also got a couple more things that I'm hoping to share with you this week. So stay tuned!


Octopi Geranium - A KCW Make

Kid's Clothes Week... it happened forever ago! And yet I'm still sewing through a few things and just taking pictures of said sewed items. Oh well, that's how life goes sometimes. The whole point of KCW is just to sew. Although sometimes I have to admit it's really hard when all those pretty things start popping up in your feed and the project pool and you're looking at them all like, why can't I finish and take a million pretty pictures of those garments on top of all the sewing?!?!?

I'm not the only one right?!?

So I've tried to take a more relaxed take on KCW, including not stressing the pictures. I say that probably every new season that rolls around but I have to keep reminding myself of that.

Aaaaanyways.... back to some actual sewing shall we?! I ordered some this Cotton + Steel octopi lawn (which sadly, imagine gnats is sold out of!!) since the theme for this spring was Wild Things, and well, I'd been dying to get my hands on some of the octopi fabric!

And let's talk about that for a minute, lawn... Oh glorious cotton lawn! Whyyyyy have I never sewn with this stuff before!!! It's mind blowing. It's revolutionary. It's, it's... it's freaking awesome is what it is! The drape, the softest, the lightness (but definitely not see through) of it all is just perfect for this summer weather that's coming our way. And it's been very appreciated with the high temps of the spring as well. I'm definitely going to be adding more of this stuff to my stash! And definitely going to be experimenting with a wider range of wovens from now on.

So... I paired this with the Geranium Dress pattern by Made by Rae. With the cap sleeve top and the gathered skirt option. I really just wanted something quick and simple so that the print on the fabric would really stand out. And seeing as how I cut into five... yes FIVE of these, I've got lots more for you coming in the next couple of days, you can see why I went with this one! This pattern is slowly creeping up to the top of my go-to list thanks to how simple and fast, and how good I feel when I finish the insides ;) It's allllll about the guts folk!

A was pretty excited when she saw all those bodices cut up and sewn and awaiting bodices. And had already proclaimed which one was her favourite. Although it wasn't this first one that I'm sharing, it is the first one that's gotten worn. She can be funny that way. For quick sewing details. I didn't change anything up and sewed a straight size 5T, which still fits her pretty good, but I think for the next time I sew up a bunch of them I'll be adding length to the skirt portion.

Oh and let's talk about those cute buttons!!!! Wood buttons. I loooove me some wood buttons. and so does A! She's got taste I tell ya ;)

And yea...notice the bottom one?! It's already broken. You can bet I was frustrated with that! I had just put it on her and snap, it broke as I was putting it through the buttonhole. Oh well, I'm assuming there was a knot in the wood right at the hole, which weakened it. Not too sure how that one slipped past me since I checked it buuuut live and learn. I'll just have to go back to the store and get some replacements.

Now this folks, is the face of a girl that's all kinds of happy about an airy summer dress!


Granny's Favourite - WIP

I can't believe I've barely been posting lately. Which is fine, we all need a mental break every now and again. And I seriously needed (still need?!?) one! I've felt the pressures of many deadlines lately, not entirely all sewing related. And they have been honestly kinda dragging me down. So much so that I haven't really felt the need to be creative because of the pressure to actually create has been on. So to get back on track (or do some quick escaping from reality ;) ), I've been keeping my hands busy and my mind clear with this... 

Yes, that is a bit backwards... But I needed to pick something up that really didn't require too much attention, and that I could take with me on a weekend trip if it did come around and this fit the bill! Now 'this' would be Granny's Favourite that I'm knitting up for A. I decided I needed something to push me, yet was still really simple shape/structure wise. Plus, I don't know HOW long I've had this in my favourites list waiting for me to make up my mind and just put it on my queue or to start it. And because I was in a mood to start right away, I did some stuff busting and used some Cascade yarn I already had on hand, Sateen in the Sand colourway. Obviously with my rush and no hindsight, I've run out of yarn (which I was expecting...) but I forgot to check if my local store still carried it. Unfortunately not, so I'm going to need to order some more now! Oh well, life happens.

So far though I must say that this sweater has been pretty easy going. I've only had to rip back a couple of rows do to one mistake in the zig zag/yoke detail, but otherwise it's gone smoothly. Which has also made me realize that I've been a fool for waiting to knit something top down! I have to admit that I'm super happy with the fit so far too! I've been able to convince A to try it on as I've been knitting it to get an idea of length, for which you can see here and here.

Meanwhile, as I wait for the yarn to finish this up.... I'm debating casting something on for the boys.... Curious to know, what do you use as a stress reliever? Does it involve working on a project?