Granny's Favourite - WIP

I can't believe I've barely been posting lately. Which is fine, we all need a mental break every now and again. And I seriously needed (still need?!?) one! I've felt the pressures of many deadlines lately, not entirely all sewing related. And they have been honestly kinda dragging me down. So much so that I haven't really felt the need to be creative because of the pressure to actually create has been on. So to get back on track (or do some quick escaping from reality ;) ), I've been keeping my hands busy and my mind clear with this... 

Yes, that is a bit backwards... But I needed to pick something up that really didn't require too much attention, and that I could take with me on a weekend trip if it did come around and this fit the bill! Now 'this' would be Granny's Favourite that I'm knitting up for A. I decided I needed something to push me, yet was still really simple shape/structure wise. Plus, I don't know HOW long I've had this in my favourites list waiting for me to make up my mind and just put it on my queue or to start it. And because I was in a mood to start right away, I did some stuff busting and used some Cascade yarn I already had on hand, Sateen in the Sand colourway. Obviously with my rush and no hindsight, I've run out of yarn (which I was expecting...) but I forgot to check if my local store still carried it. Unfortunately not, so I'm going to need to order some more now! Oh well, life happens.

So far though I must say that this sweater has been pretty easy going. I've only had to rip back a couple of rows do to one mistake in the zig zag/yoke detail, but otherwise it's gone smoothly. Which has also made me realize that I've been a fool for waiting to knit something top down! I have to admit that I'm super happy with the fit so far too! I've been able to convince A to try it on as I've been knitting it to get an idea of length, for which you can see here and here.

Meanwhile, as I wait for the yarn to finish this up.... I'm debating casting something on for the boys.... Curious to know, what do you use as a stress reliever? Does it involve working on a project?


Geometric Verona Dress

Over the last few weeks I got the chance to test out another one of Jennifer's patterns (of Jennuine Designs)!! If you remember, I tested the Haven Acres Mini Collection at the very beginning of the year (which by the way, those leggings are getting almost daily use.... I need to make more!). This time around, Jennifer is releasing the Verona Dress!

The dress is a sweet A line dress with no closures, a collared opening and an elastic casing in the back waistline. In my opinion, this is a fun dress for both formal and casual wear, it all depends on the fabric that you opt to go with!

For this version, I opted to go with some double gauze hypnotic rose in the black colourway, with a black broadcloth lining. I grabbed the double gauze from the imagine gnats shop, now unfortunately there's no more of this colour but she still has some left in the magenta colourway! I have to say, this is the softest comfiest feeling dress EVER! My hemline may look a little wonky but I'm blaming her fidgeting during pictures and the geometric pattern ;)

For this version I sewed up the size 5, with the 7 length (as is my usual in Jenn's patterns!). The one thing I do have to mention about this dress, since it has no closures at the back, is that I needed to bring up the neckline and armscye up to the size 7 (still with the size 5 width) to fit over her head. It worked out great! I also opted to do the square cap sleeves with the notched detail. I think this is my favourite option from this pattern!

I've got at least one more planned for the moment! You can see a sneak peek of it here. After all this girl sewing though, I swear, I'm going to get to my boy sewing (trust me, the poor guys have been bugging me about it!). Anyways, for some more inspiration, make sure to check out all the rest of the pattern tester tour participants throughout the week :) There are some really cute ones in there!


Just Add Detail : Wild and Free Ziggy

Happy Monday everyone! The kids are back in school this week (after March break) and the week has been a mixer of crazy and relaxing. So to start off this week right, I figure a 'Wild and Free' top was in order!

I got an email a couple of weeks ago from MadeIt Patterns asking if I would participate in their 'Just Add Detail' tour. The tour is to show how versatile their Ziggy top pattern, by adding creativity and details you've got yourself a one of a kind top every time.

For my version I pulled out a flower knit from my stash, that I received over the holidays digging through my grand-maman's stash! I loved it as soon as I spotted it... And so did A! Of course, she's my girly girl!

I sewed up a size 4 with a 7 length and this fit is awesome! It's a loose fitting top, which she'll definitely be able to layer, or through this on over a pair of leggings. I love it (in other words, I need to make my own version!).

For my detail, I thought I would add a simple fabric paint quote on the front. I've had it in mind it write this on one of her shirts lately and couldn't resist layering overtop of the floral. I just free handed this one with some black paint and a brush.

Well, that's it for me! I've already got a couple more of these cut out for the boys that I can't wait to finish up. If you want your own copy of the Ziggy top, the pattern is currently on sale for 20% off for one week (until March 29th)! Also make sure to check out all the participants in the tour and see all their awesome creativeness :)


SSW - Gardenia Dress

Today is the last day of selfish sewing week, and I'll be the first one to admit, I totally failed this year to truly participate. If you don't know what ssw is, it's a week dedicated to sewing for yourself hosted by Rachael of imagine gnats, with the collaboration of IndieSew and Kollabora.
Well as always, I had a lot of plans for myself this week. But for some reason couldn't muster pulling out my sewing machine. But finally, at the final hour, I pulled through and made something! I actually had this Gardenia dress by CaliFaye Collections cut out and ready on Wednesday. But cutting is easier then pulling the sewing machine out, am I right!?

I used some sweatshirt fleece from imagine gnats and sewed up a XXL. I went with my measurements, but unfortunately, I have to call this a fail! It just doesn't fit me right. I'm honestly a bit bummed. It has nothing to do with the pattern itself, just my own bad judgment.  Let me explain.

This is a loose fitting dress, with a ruffle at the natural waist line. Well unfortunately for my lovely pear shaped body, it does all the wrong things for me. That and combine it with this thick sweatshirt fleece, it just sits the wrong way. I had it in mind for it to be this comfy sweater dress... Oh well, lesson here is remembering to make a muslin!

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*i was provided this pattern and fabric for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are completely my own!