Trinity Tee - A tester version

I feel like I've been away from my sewing machine for aaaages! I've done the odd project and started a couple of other projects that are now staring me down, waiting to get wrapped up... But this here is one of the first things I've pulled off my sewing machine that is loved and gets worn and it feels SO.GOOD!

This tee is the brand new Trinity Tee pattern by Rock The Stitch. I got a chance to test... and felt like a terrible tester because I just couldn't seem to wrap my head around things. Super easy things, timing, just in general. It's been crazy and it feels like a bit of a fog. But none the less I completed one (and have another one cut) for the testing. Although it doesn't look top notch (again, I'm blaming that weird fog that came over me!) around the neckband and sleeve band areas, it may just be because I had skipped a step (not really paying attention was I!) while reading the instruction... But now that she's worn it, she won't let me put it back under my sewing machine to touch it up, so I guess it will have to do for now.

I sewed up a size 6 for A. She sits in between the two sizes, so she'll be able to grow into this one, but if you want a more fitted fit, then I think sizing down would work for you, since it has a slight A line to the silhouette! I used a quilting cotton I had on hand for the front panel piece, and matched it with a grey jersey I had grabbed from imagine gnats last year. You could also easily use a knit for the front panel!

You have the option of doing an exposed zipper down the middle seam in the back, which I opted not to do on this one to save a bit of time, but photos that came out during the testing period of the ones with a zipper have me sold! The next one I sew up will definitely have the exposed zipper!

I'm looking for quick sews to help me get back into the groove of this over here! And this one definitely fit the bill :) If you're interested in getting your own copy, you can use the code 'Trinity' to get 20%.


A Granny's Favourite

I've finally gotten a chance to snag a couple picture of my last 2015 make! I started this Granny's Favourite waaaay back in March, hit a couple of road blocks (i.e. running out of yarn) and finally got back to finishing it up over the holidays. As you can tell from most of these pictures, I'm clearly out of practice with the camera! I busted it out over the weekend to take some pictures of A, only to realize halfway that my ISO was cranked right up. And thanks to me interrupting play time, I was not going to be allowed to retake pictures... Oh well, we live and learn don't we ;)

So a bit more about the actual project. This is my first top down sweater and boy was it easier then I thought it was going to be (I was imagining a ton of nightmare scenarios where I would lose count/lose stitches/etc). Something that really helped me was this Tin Can Knits series on sweater techniques, specifically this post, which contains all the goodies about casting off the arms.

For the yarn I used this dk Cascade Sateen I already had on hand. The bummer with that was once I got to the arms I had already run out of yarn and had to find more... And unfortunately, my local yarn shop wasn't selling it anymore. I found some online, waited for it for a little bit and continued on (slowly). Having never hit this roadblock before I didn't realize it would take a while for me to pick this wip back up again. But finally I did, and I managed to finish it before she outgrows it.

So for sizing, I based it on her chest measurements and knitted up a 24. I then added knitted up the length according to wear it would hit on her when she would try it on. This would fall into the dress length category of the pattern. It's super cute, but when you put a tee and jeans underneath it looks a little short on her. Next time I'll know to make it full length.

I can't believe I haven't even mentioned the lace pattern yet! It's super simple and I think it works as a great intro into more lace work again. The instructions/chart were really easy to follow and now I'm kind of hoping to tackle something a bit more complicated this year. So far everything I've done knitting has given me that boost to try even more things out, which has been a great feeling. Next up, I've got a mini sweater that I've started for the babe, and I'm already thinking of ideas of the boys (and myself)...


Our New Little Bundle!!

Well it's been a while hasn't it ;) I had promised at the beginning of September I'd be back with a bunch of posts and yet I never showed up! As usual life took me by surprise by the amount of commitments we had going on and, not meaning to, writing and sewing took a bit of a hit (although I HAVE sewed... just not as much as I had planned). But I'm back... with the cutest (biased opinion here) pictures to boot!

On the first of October, we welcomed our newest little bundle to the family, meet baby J! If you follow me on Instagram this won't really be news to you, what with my spamming baby pictures these days... But I thought I would make it official here on the blog ;)

I'm not much of one to write birth stories... I mean I love reading them, but I just don't know if anybody would be interested in it. So I thought I'd just skip it... Although one thing that needs to be said is that everyone has been completely smitten and over the moon for this little one.

I wasn't overly nervous adding another little one to the family (I mean, what's one more) with the kids' reactions and whatnot. But honestly I can't express how full it makes my heart (as corny as it sounds) to see them with their new little sister. The kids have all been super! Even L, who can't sit still for more then two seconds, wants to be a part of the action. Although sometimes its frustrating, especially when he holds her for two seconds then says he's done... But I try to remember that this moment will seriously only last just that, a moment, and in the blink of an eye it'll be gone!

Now that we've started settling in to our new routine with the baby, and our 'winter' routine, of hockey and skating and extra curricular activities is setting in, I'm hoping to get back into the groove of things... Because I've missed my sewing and my knitting and just my making in general ;)

Oh and seeing as how Kid's Clothes Week starts today... I may actually be back sooner then you think! *fingers crossed*


MadeIt Fashion Week: Look 3

Well my day on MadeIt Fashion Week is over already... but that doesn't mean I don't have a bunch more looks to share with you! So today I'm sharing with you a quick boy look I made for C!!

These are the Oru shorts, and yes, they're still in testing! But daaaamn the lines on these are just awesome!!! I love how the side seam is really almost a front seam, which allows the back yoke to peek out and gives some fun contrasting options.

For this pair I sewed up a size 5. And again, one thing to be said is that I didn't have to lengthen them at all!!! C is just like A when it comes to sizing... slender but tall. So not having to adjust a pattern for length is always a bonus, and yes, I've probably said that in both of my last posts but it's so true! The only thing I didn't do for this project was the back pockets.... But I actually like the look of the back without them too since it gives a crisper feel to the shorts, almost a bit more dressed up if you like!

The fabric I used was an Artisan Cotton in green-blue from imagine gnats. Man this stuff was so nice to work with! It's got just enough weight for bottoms (any less and I wouldn't feel so comfortable putting the boys in these shorts ;) ) and just sews up really nicely. Plus it's hard to tell in these pictures but I love the blue undertone to this particular colourway!

Oh man, this boy was so happy when I was finally done sewing them up! He has a style of his own and coloured pants are definitely one of those things that he likes! He practically ripped them out of my hands when I told him I was done sewing them up ;) Which has made me realize how little I sew for him... definitely something I've got to change!

Well... I think I'll leave you with this face... because seriously, this is the typical 'can you pose for me' look that I get ;) And don't forget to check out look 1 and look 2, where you'll find a link to a giveaway and discount code!!