Schoolboy Vest - A Pattern Test

Last week I had the chance to test yet another pattern (can you tell I'm enamoured?!). This time, it's the Schoolboy Vest by Sew Much Ado. And can I tell you how quick and easy it was!?! Let me specify….this pattern is QUICK and EASY and super satisfying! C loved it, and L tried to steal from him every two seconds! Now let me get over my excitement a little bit and tell you about the pattern.

The Schoolboy vest is a classic vest pattern for boys (or girls if you want to mix it up a bit)…never mind that, it's a unisex pattern, let's not kid ourselves, just as many girls like this look as boys. The pattern includes options for welt pockets or faux welt pockets (which is what I tested here) and also includes an optional adjustable back tie.

It's also fully lined. Which I chose to use a fun fabric for, Abby recommends a lining type of fabric on the inside, but I used a quilting cotton weight fabric and it worked out good, so good that C wanted the inside lining on the outside…. I almost went for it, but when he saw the green buttons I had grabbed (I also grabbed black ones just in case) he was happy to have the polka dots back on the inside.

Can you tell he's happy about the lining?! So let's have a quick run down on the fabric shall we? For the outside I used a light/medium weight suiting fabric with pinstripes that I grabbed at my Fabricland (again no actual details but here's a similar option here). And on the inside, I went with Alexander Henry's Enchantment in Smoke Grey (found here), which I grabbed at my local quilt shop.

This guy, is too darn happy about his vest! Which is great, because it pushed me to start sewing for the boys a bit more, I'll be making another one for L soon since I have a ton of that suiting material left :)

Speaking of L, he didn't really care for waiting for his own, and stole C's off of him before he even got a chance to fully take it off…

All in all, when boys are that happy to get dressed in the morning, or to put some sort of clothes on anyways, I think it's a winning pattern!


  1. He is so darling! You did such a great job with the vest, and I'm so glad I got to have you as a tester!

    1. Thank you :) It was my pleasure, had a blast with the pattern! Can't wait to sew up some more versions of it (gotta make a more summer/spring coloured one soon!)

  2. What a handsome little man :) Love the spotty lining!

    1. Thank you! It was a bit hard to find an inside colour but I'm glad I spotted the dots as I was leaving the shop!! :)